Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Big Twelve

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Matthew 10:1-10

TO CHEW ON: "He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to cure every kind of disease and sickness .... '...Freely you have received, freely give.'” - Jesus, Matthew 10:1,8

Would you say a “disciple” is:
1. someone who is a big fan of a famous person?
2. someone who accepts, follows, and imitates a teacher?
3. someone who lives by a lot of rules?

Though we don’t use the word “disciple” a lot nowadays, you probably know that when Jesus talked about disciples, He meant 2. - the people who accepted His teaching, wanted to spend time with Him, and become like Him. When Jesus began teaching and doing miracles, a lot of people wanted to be His disciples. One day, after He had spent the night praying (Luke 6:12), Jesus chose twelve men to be His closest friends, the twelve disciples.

But Jesus expected these disciples to do more than just listen to His stories and watch His miracles. One day, after giving these men special authority, He gave them a job. They were to: (cross out the one thing He did NOT tell them) Matthew 10:9-10
1. Preach.
2. Heal the sick.
3. Raise the dead.
4. Drive out demons.
5. Take a lot of money and stuff with them.
6. Cleanse the lepers.

"Jesus Sending the Apostles" - Artist unknown"Jesus Sending the Apostles" - Artist unknown

Jesus chose disciples to help Him tell people about God. He also gave them authority, so that God’s power could flow through them.

Do people still need to hear about God? Does Jesus still need disciples today? How can you be His disciple?

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, help me to be Your disciple. Amen.

SUPERSIZE IT: The Big 12! - Word Search
These are the twelve disciples that Jesus chose. (There are only 11 names because there were two disciples named “James.”)

Bartholomew Peter
Thomas  Judas Iscariot*     
Thaddaeus James
Matthew  Simon
John            Philip
Andrew          James

Find each name in the word search.

(To print the word search alone, click on it, then print it from the window that opens.)

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