Tips for using

Want to get the most out of Bible Drive-Thru? Here are some tips and suggestions.

1. Would you like to read the devotion and the Bible links at the same time? 

When you hover over a Bible reference link, the verse displays in a box. Click on the link in the box to read the entire passage if all of it doesn't show in the box.

2. Would you like to do a different kind of devotion? Try using ‘labels.’

Suppose you want to do all the devotions that talk about ‘problems’, review your memory verses, find all the puzzles, or study a Bible character like Abraham?

- Go to the “Labels” section in the right sidebar.
- Click on the label word you’d like to use (problems, memory verse, puzzle, or Abraham).
- Your page will reload to all the devotions that use that label.
- If you chose a person’s name, just remember that blogs show the latest post at the top. Abraham’s story starts at the bottom and ends at the top.

3. Would you like to print all or part of the devotion?

You can do this in several ways.

- Select the part you want to print (scroll over it, holding down your left mouse button so the print gets light). Then tell your printer to print ‘selection.’


- Click on the time link at the bottom of the post you want to print: “Posted by violet at 4:00 A.M.” The page will reload to show just one post. Tell your printer to print. But the sidebar will print too. If you don’t want to print the sidebar, select the body of the devotion (with your mouse like you did above) and then print ‘selection.’


- To print a puzzle, quiz or picture that’s a picture file (jpg or png), click on the thing you want to print. It will open in another window. Print that window.


- Sign up to get Bible Drive-Thru by email every time it is updated. The email version comes complete with pictures and working links. Print the email.

4. Would you like Bible Drive-Thru sent to you as an email every time it’s updated? 

Enter your email address in the "subscribe" box at the top of the sidebar.

5. If you find broken links or other errors, please email me and I’ll do my best to fix them.

6. If you like Bible Drive-Thru, tell your friends. Let’s get a whole lot of kids taking a drive through the Bible!