Sunday, October 1, 2017

Washing Feet

TODAY’S SPECIAL: John 13:4-17

TO CHEW ON: “Now that I your Lord and Teacher have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet.” (John 13:14)

Imagine walking barefoot in sandals along the hot dusty roads of Palestine. Are you thinking dusty, sweaty, grimy feet? When people arrived at someone’s house after such a journey, they wouldn’t walk all over the clean floors with their dusty feet. Instead a servant would be at the door, ready to wash the guests’ dirty feet.

When Jesus and His disciples gathered in an upstairs room to eat the Passover meal, there was no servant there to do this job. Then while the disciples were eating (with dirty feet) an unusual thing happened. The most important person in the room, the leader and teacher, Jesus, took off His outer coat. He wrapped a towel around His waist, poured water into a basin and, one by one, washed His disciples’ feet.

Jesus washes His disciples' feet - Artist unknown"Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet" - Artist unknown

After that, He told them they should wash one another’s feet, like He had washed their feet.

Jesus teaches humility - Artist unknown"Jesus Teaches Humility" - Artist unknown

What do you think He meant by this? With which statements do you agree?

1. ____ We should regularly take off our shoes and socks and wash each other’s feet.
2. ____ Only leaders are expected to do lowly jobs.
3. ____ We should be willing to serve each other, even in the lowliest way.

Whether we literally wash each others feet or not, I’m sure that one of the lessons Jesus was trying to teach was number 3.

PRAYER: Dear Jesus, help me to follow Your example and serve others. Amen.

MORE: How to “Wash Feet”
1) Think of a way you can serve or “wash feet” (be willing to serve – even in a lowly way) of:
  • a parent:
  • a friend:
  • a team member:
  • a grandparent:

  • a younger brother or sister:
  • an older brother or sister:
  • a teacher:

2) Choose one of those things and do it today.


Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture quotations are taken from THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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