Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bible Drive-Thru is back in 2015!

After a facelift and the addition of a new goody* I'm excited to announce that come January 1st Bible Drive-Thru is back!

These are Bible-based devotions for kids 6 through 12 years. In them kids will explore the stories, themes, and grand passages of the Bible (using the NIV version). A devotion publishes every morning for a year. Within the year kids will read a sample of every Bible book.

Use them for family devotions with your children. Use them as home school activities. Adapt them for Sunday School or the Christian school classroom. Invite kids to read and do the activities on their own. Let's get a whole new generation of kids touring  their Bibles!

*The new "goody"? It's Reftagger—a widget that makes Bible verses visible when you hover over the references with your mouse (and works when the references aren't linked to anything else). When the Bible passage is too long for the Reftagger box, clicking on the word "more" within the box whisks you away to Biblia.com to read the entire passage.

Check it out: John 3:16-18

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